Improve Outcomes for Patients with Lung Cancer

Bring University-level Lung Health Care to Your Community Hospital

Hospital Engagement Options—Let's Talk!

LHS partners with community hospitals looking to make Interventional pulmonology services available to their patients, with a goal of improving patient outcomes

The LHS team is made up of physicians, respiratory therapists, and nurses, providing an all-inclusive set of services. Patients are typically diagnosed and treated in hospital outpatient or ambulatory settings. Referrals for our services come from primary care doctors, specialists within a hospital, or local lung specialists affiliated with a hospital.

We are currently set up to serve communities in the Greater Philadelphia area and throughout Pennsylvania. LHS aims to identify, diagnose, and begin treatment as early as 7-10 days of a patient consultation.

Call us at 267-500-5027 to discuss engagement options!

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Our techniques and procedures complement the services offered by lung health specialists, oncologists, and cardiothoracic surgeons within the current healthcare system.

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